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Dedicated to providing high-quality products and services with the spirit of craftsmanship, we strive to build Huiliao into an enterprise known for its high specifications and strong specialization in the field of decorative concrete.

Huiliao Group is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production and installation of innovative building decoration materials for GFRC curtain wall. After nearly two decades of efforts in keeping pace with the market development, we have risen with the determination to succeed and an extraordinary attitude and adhered to the vision of “Becoming an industry pioneer and building a century-old Huiliao” to continually provide our customers with a high-quality living experience in residence and lifestyles, beautify the urban environment and server a better life.

Huiliao products cover a diverse series of curtain walls materials, including GFRC irregular curtain wall panels, UHPC, GFRP, FGRG, washed stones and terrazzo, as well as colored concretes and other diversified products.At present, Huiliao has realized a strategic layout with Shanghai headquarters as the center and Anhui Huiliao New Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. as the production base, which is rooted domestically and oriented internationally…

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Azabudai Commercial Project, Tokyo, Japan

The Azabudai Commercial Project is an urban center planning project led by Mori Building Co., Ltd. After 30 years of the planning for the entire areas, land negations and other preparations, the project is scheduled to be completed in 2023, and upon completion, it will become an important landmark guiding the development of Tokyo…

Hangzhou Canal Grand Theater

Canal Grand Theatre is located in Gongshu District, Hangzhou. Canal Grand Theatre is built in the Central Park of Canal, covering an area of about 40 mu. The Canal Grand Theatre adopts Chinese style and integrates elements of canal culture. The Canal Grand Theater has a main theater with 1200 seats, which can meet the needs of comprehensive performances such as large-scale song and dance dramas, artistic performances, symphony performances, multimedia dramas and large-scale events. There is also

Nanjing Zendai Himalayas Center

Ma Yansong, one of the world's top ten young architectural designers, is responsible for the architectural design of Nanjing Zenda Himalayas Center. The architectural appearance of high mountains and flowing water is unique, and it is known as the artistic facade of Nanjing South. Nanjing Zenda Himalaya Center, located in the core business center of Nanfang New City, adjacent to China Nanjing High-speed Railway South Plaza, covers an area of 140 mu, with a planned total construction area of

Shijiazhuang International Convention and Exhibition Center

Jointly designed by Woods Berg Architectural Design Consulting (Beijing) Co., LTD. / China Yuan International Engineering Design and Research Institute, the total land area is about 68.5 hectares, of which the above-ground construction area is 160,000 square meters, the underground construction area is 30,000 square meters, and the Shijiazhuang International Convention and Exhibition Center includes 100,000 square meters of exhibition center, 60,000 square meters of conference center and support

Xi 'an Football Center

The project covers an area of 280 acres, A total construction area of 239,000 square meters, 60,000 fixed seats, including two standard outdoor training fields, is in accordance with the latest standards of FIFA and Asian Football Confederation design and construction of a Grade A professional football stadium, can undertake all international grade A football events except the opening ceremony of the World Cup.

Changchun Olympic Park

Changchun Olympic Park with "Changbai Forest Sea" as the theme. The construction includes stadium, gymnasium, natatorium, national fitness center, bicycle gym, shooting and archery hall, sports school and athletes' apartments, supporting hotels, with a total construction area of 325,000 square meters. All venues in the park are designed according to Class A sports buildings...